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Govt imposes import curbs on colour TV

On Thursday, India imposed restrictions on the import of colour television sets in a move to encourage domestic production. The government has brought back curbs that it had lifted almost two decades ago & from now on imports of TVs in certain categories will require a licence issued by the government.

“Import policy of colour television sets… is amended from ‘free’ to ‘restricted’,” the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) stated in a notification. The directives are applicable to TV sets included in the ‘other colour’ category that covers LCD TVs among the goods; while there is no restriction on monochrome TVs. It also said that the ‘actual user condition’ would not ‘apply to importers seeking authorization to import the restricted goods. This condition refers to a person who utilises the imported goods for producing in his own industrial unit or for his own use in another unit.

Dixon Technologies Chairperson said “India has the capability to manufacture television sets across all sizes and this will spur those investments.” He also opined that the move would further boost the Make in India initiative for TVs sets and go a long way for building self-reliance in the industry.





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