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Natural Honey
Natural honey: At the tip of the beehive

India should accelerate efforts to boost its honey production, given the huge untapped potential as well as prospects of a surge in demand post the COVID-19 pandemic....

Steel Manufacturing
Need to revisit steel for industrial growth

Indian steel companies need to improve their product and supply to the sophisticated consumers, such as manufacturers of original auto machinery (OEM). ...

Why India needs to rejuvenate its coffee economy

The Indian coffee industry needs to undertake extensive investments in mechanisation and productivity enhancement, while retaining the core attributes that define the Indian coffee brand....

Indian handloom industry: Misery spells ‘Opportunity’!

Handloom sector has suffered due to curbs on tourism, disrupted supply chains, weak buyer sentiment, cancelled exhibitions, etc. But India has an opportunity to build a strong brand in the sector by e...

Laptops – A growing necessity for WFH warriors

India’s laptop market provides a large opportunity due to transformation in corporate culture towards digital interface and work from home post-COVID....

Meeting India’s growing demand for saffron

India is facing serious challenges with falling saffron production. Revival must focus on increasing productivity as well as area of production. ...

Black Pepper
Black gold conundrum: India’s rising pepper imports

India needs to enhance adoption of scientific methods for increasing piperine content, improve yield and control price fluctuations for the pepper crop. ...

Why India’s turmeric industry needs a healing touch

India is witnessing a sharp surge in turmeric imports over the past few years. This must be mitigated through immediate interventions to align production standards with expectations of end-user indust...

PPE Kits
Product Profile – PPE Kit (Personal Protective Equipment)

India has ramped up its PPE supplies in a fairly short span of time, and has an unprecedented opportunity to cater to the imminent global demand surge....

When oil becomes a buyer’s market

India may not gain much from low oil prices due to lower strategic oil reserves. But low prices will help improve current balance and soothe inflation....

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