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Telemedicine sector tpci
Is telemedicine the panacea that healthcare needs?

COVID-19 has led to a rapid adoption of telemedicine in India, but the model still faces challenges on language, trust data confidentiality, licensing, perception of impersonal care, information overl...

Automation TPCI
Automation of the workforce: Opportunity or calamity?

Automation could have little impact on jobs in the immediate future, but it's important for employees to acquire essential skills and equip themselves to work with new technologies. ...

Digital Manufacturing
Digital manufacturing: Key to make India world’s next factory

To make India world’s next factory, it needs to assume greater self-control over its national value chain by embracing shift towards digital manufacturing....

COVID-19: Driving new shifts in India’s ride hailing ecosystem

Managing short-term disruption, building consumer confidence, and keeping an eye on paradigm shifts in the urban mobility ecosystem and consumer dynamics will be key for ride hailing companies post-pa...

Home services
On-demand home services: Rich dividends, tough terrain

The opportunity for on-demand home services in India is huge, but effectively tapping it requires far greater organization on the supply side via an integrated, full-stack services approach to build c...

Kirana Ecommerce
Digital makeover of kiranas: Just a tap away?

E-commerce companies and local kirana stores can derive synergies through win-win partnerships, especially as online spending accelerates post-lockdown....

Digital payments
COVID-19: Assessing our enhanced digital footprint

COVID-19 has further enhanced the role of digital technology in our personal and professional lives, raising new concerns on data protection & security....

Startup losses
Startups post COVID-19: Plans perish, DNA thrives

COVID-19 has impacted strategic outlook and investor sentiment for startups. They must tap their entrepreneurial instincts & spot emerging opportunities....

Pankaj Dayama
“Blockchain will improve supply chain visibility & diversification”

Pankaj S Dayama, Master Inventor, IBM, explains how blockchain can help Indian SMEs become competitive wrt low cost suppliers in regions like China....

“Startups should pitch on their ability to repurpose quickly”

Dr Rajat Agrawal, IIT Roorkee, is confident that Indian startups will benefit from local demand & high quality skillsets post-COVID, and need to capitalise....

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