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Ms. Jyoti Mayal- President of Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI)
Tourism industry needs to reskill, restructure, reboot and rebrand

Jyoti Mayal, President, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), opines that tourism can be revived by foregoing tourist visa fees & advances, no cancellation charges on forward bookings and cash re...

The pandemic has led to the re-birth of travel industry

It is advisable for tourism industry to start their business with a very minimal cost of operations to recover the losses curred due to COVID-19....

Ripple effect: COVID-19 & remittance loss in India

Remittance flows will face their sharpest dip in history due to COVID-19. This is an unwelcome thing for India, world's highest recipient of remittances....

Mega aviation alliances have made 7th freedom redundant

Pran Dasan, Director, Commercial Operations South East Asia, flydubai, opines that adopting 7th freedom of air on the lines of China (for its Hainan port) will pose a threat to Indian air carriers. Mo...

7th Freedom in Indian aviation: Explore with caution!

Seventh Freedom is a lucrative prospect for Indian ports in a competitive market, but the gains in terms of trade and investment must be juxtaposed with the potential impact on the domestic aviation i...

H1B Visa
H-1B: A self-defeating misjudgement

Despite the Trump administration's assertions to the contrary, the H-1B visa ban may neither be beneficial for the US employment scenario nor for its post-COVID growth prospects....

Information Technology
Making the most of a calamity: Case of the Indian IT industry

As it struggles with demand & supply side issues, India's IT sector must devise new operational & customer engagement models to navigate the COVID-19 crisis...

Net Banking
Covid-19: The fertile ground for the blossoming of neobanking in India

Neobanking offers accessibility, suitability and cost-effective customer-centric banking solutions, but it still faces regulatory and execution challenges....

Post-Lockdown: An opportunity to regain Aatma nirbharta in Yoga

The COVID-19 lockdowns have boosted demand for yoga in the Indian market. Stakeholders can use this opportunity to help yoga regain lost ground in the domestic and export market. Detailed research is...

Digital payments
Covid-19 Banking: Low on contact, high on intensity

With the government supporting credit to businesses under Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, banks have a key role to play in reviving private sector growth....

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