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Agriculture 2.0: From ‘world’s food basket’ to vibrant industry?

India needs to switch from predominantly being a producer of primary agricultural commodities towards building a dynamic agro-based industry; wherein the country can benefit from a rich agri-resource ...

Mainstreaming India’s agricultural exports post-COVID-19

Dr Harbir Singh and Dr Alka Singh, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, discuss the emerging international scenario in agricultural trade, and how India can better utilise its stren...

Indian agriculture’s investment riddle

National public investments in agricultural R&D, along with technology spillovers from other countries and the private sector, are significant sources of new technology driving growth in agriculture...

Dr. B K Sahu
“Agri-product storage is part of marketing strategy, not just infrastructure”

Dr. Basanta K. Sahu, Faculty, IIFT, argues that food grain storage should be more in the purview of the private sector, while the government should continue to play the key role and remain committed t...

Agri exports
Agri-exports: A window of opportunity for India?

Despite the drop in agri-exports, India may be well placed to benefit from emerging opportunities amid supply chain disruptions in key target markets. To raise its share in global agri-trade, India mu...

Wheat steel silos
Foodgrain storage losses in India: Waste not, want not

India needs to properly assess and resolve the issue of losses in foodgrains, which will also boost its growth prospects in the international market....

Tea Plantation
Post-crisis rejuvenation for Indian tea

COVID-19 has made the going tougher for the tea industry. Players may find it prudent to join forces to boost brand equity & valuation of Indian tea....

Avenues for Indian agri-exports in post-pandemic US

With America's farm sector badly impacted by the pandemic, India can potentially boost agri-exports in sectors like dairy, meat, sugar, fruits & cereals. ...

Agriculture post-COVID: An opportunity for evolution

Besides tackling short-term disruptions, Indian agriculture can leverage the pandemic to emerge more holistically resilient through targeted interventions....

Food safety in India: The inside out approach

After playing a key role in reducing export rejections, FSSAI's focus will now be on mapping domestic food classification with HS Codes....

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